Mission & History

South Fork Fire Rescue is a combination paid/volunteer department providing fire & ambulance services to South Fork and the surrounding community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the South Fork Fire Protection District shall be the protection, preservation and well-being of the health, safety, and property of all persons residing, working or otherwise within the South Fork Area.  We shall accomplish this mission in an efficient and cost-effective manner not only through fire suppression but also fire prevention, education, and high quality emergency medical services.  We shall maintain a high standard of training and education, act and perform in a safe, courteous, moral, ethical, and professional manner, and strive to create a strong bond with the community and interact professionally with other town and county departments.

Our Values

  • Maintain the Integrity, Morality and Ethics that are the foundation of the Fire & EMS service. The men and women before us have devoted their lives to create it.

  • Maintain trust as a Public Servant. Be a Servant to the People.

  • Serve with Honor and Compassion at all times. We Live this Motto.

  • Provide quality emergency and non-emergency care to the public. They deserve nothing but the best.

  • Be Honest and treat everyone with respect and dignity. Integrity has no substitute.

  • Be a Mentor and teach others. Embrace diversity and utilize the knowledge and talents of your peers.

  • Have Pride and Ownership in the organization. Be proud and shape the future of SFFR.

  • Be an efficient and effective steward of the community’s resources. Without their support we do not exist.


Historically, fire protection and fire suppression had been provided by the South Fork Volunteer Fire Department, under the authority of the Del Norte Fire Protection District.  Though the partnership with DNFPD was historically a productive relationship; The South Fork Fire Protection District was formed in December of 2013, removing the South Fork area from the DNFPD.  South Fork has had an outstanding Ambulance service through the South Fork Ambulance Association. With the growth and increased need for efficient emergency services in the area, South Fork Volunteer Fire Department and South Fork EMS joined efforts, doing business as “South Fork Fire Rescue” to provide a professional and highly trained Fire and EMS service to the public.  SFFR works under the authority of the South Fork Fire Protection District and its 5 member governing board of directors. SFFR believes that through combining the services of Fire and EMS we can better utilize the resources of responders and public funding. As SFFR embraces the future, we will continue to build upon the foundation to which the men and women before us devoted their lives.