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Our Values 

  • Maintain the Integrity, Morality and Ethics that are the foundation of the Fire & EMS service. The men and women before us have devoted their lives to create it.


  • Maintain trust as a Public Servant. Be a Servant to the People.


  • Serve with Honor and Compassion at all times. We Live this Motto.


  • Provide quality emergency and non-emergency care to the public. They deserve nothing but the best.

  • Be Honest and treat everyone with respect and dignity. Integrity has no substitute.


  • Be a Mentor and teach others. Embrace diversity and utilize the knowledge and talents of your peers.


  • Have Pride and Ownership in the organization. Be proud and shape the future of SFFR.


  • Be an efficient and effective steward of the community’s resources. Without their support we do not exist.

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